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You only need to use this if you want to set up a custom room blocks for 9+ rooms.

You can book 9+ rooms using the standard search box by booking 2 separate reservations. This is the best strategy if you want to spend the least amount of time.

Click below to open a new room block request:



How This Works

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Use the searchbox above to browse options and find rates. You do NOT have to be logged in to book.



Sending A Booking To Your Admin For Payment


1. Use the searchbox to browse hotels and find a rate you'd like to book.

2. On the checkout page (where guest details are provided), there will be a dropdown for you to pick your student organization/club sports team.

3. There's also an option for you to "Send to admin for approval & payment" Click this if you want to send your reservation to an administrator to pay using funds from your BOSO account or another University account.





Search 23 Sites At Once + Direct Rates + Earn Cash Back

We integrated 23 of the best travel websites in the industry so you know you're getting the best price. We also included our pre-negotiated discounts that offer up to 50% off standard rates. These are exclusive deals, unavailable elsewhere. We challenge you to try to find a better price somewhere else.

Our Service Advantages

  • Best Rates - Negotiated and online discounts
  • Save Time - No more calling around to hotels
  • Compare Offers - Hotels bid for your business
  • Automation - Makes the process simple and fast
  • Long Term Stays - Get discounts for long term stays
  • Testimonials - Top notch customer service
  • Administration - Free Event Website for your group